NARANJAS CARNEADO is a family business devoted to growing oranges for three generations. We recently launched online sales to get the fruit directly from the producer to the end consumer.

Our oranges are the Lane Late variety. We leave them to ripen on the tree, reaching their ideal point of sweetness and acidity. The variety is suitable for eating as a table orange and also for making juice. One of the outstanding properties of this variety is its low limonin content – lower than other varieties of orange. This means its flavour is sweeter, it takes longer to oxidise and it preserves the vitamin C for longer.

It is a seedless variety and its skin is smoother and thinner than other types of orange. Our oranges do not have any chemical products used to preserve or clean them.

They are picked directly from the tree in the traditional way, by hand, packed in our own facilities and dispatched to your home.

The picking season is between mid February and mid May.